Advanced Technology



The RAYSCAN α is designed with cutting edge detectors and pulsed X-ray technology. Various 3D panoramic modes provide the relevant clinical data you need to make accurate diagnoses. Proprietary CBCT reconstruction, Adaptive Moving Focus, and noise reduction technologies provide high quality images at optimized radiation exposure.


ARESTIN is an antibiotic placed directly in the infected areas/pockets in your gums. It is applied right after scaling and root planing, the dental procedure that disrupts stubborn plaque and bacteria below your gumline


You See what We See!

By taking the intra-oral photos, we are able to show you what we see and let you know your best treatment options. Intra-oral photos are also helpful to our hygienists. They are able to show you what they see, especially if they find an area of your mouth where there is a larger amount of tartar. This may indicate that you need to brush or floss more in one area of your mouth. Your hygienist will use intra-oral photos they have taken to help you maximize your home care.

Our staff is committed to helping you keep your smile healthy and intra-oral photos are one of the most useful tools we have. Taking intra-oral photos creates a complete picture of the condition of your mouth and helps us provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer.


Covina Smile submits claims to most insurance companies electronically.  This means claims are processed quicker and more efficiently. 

  • Intra-Oral Camera - You See what We See!
  • X-Rays with ⅔ less radiation
  • With this procedure, patients are given the opportunity to view.
  • Implant Supported Dentures & Crowns
  • Diagnodent - Early Cavity Detection
  • Flouride Treatments & Dental Sealants
  • Gentle Periodontal Therapy
  • Root Canals & Extractions
  • Natural-looking Crowns, Bridges, Dentures
  • Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings
  • Gum Disease Treatment


 We are going paperless by using patient management software and communicating with our patients through email and SMS. To prevent pollution of our local water ways, we've installed a special dry vacuum filtration system that allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings. With that, we offer mercury-free restorations. Instead of traditional x-rays for tooth imaging, our patients are exposed to 90 percent less radiation with the use of digital imaging technology. This also eliminates the needs for the chemicals that process x-rays.

SprintRay - 3D Printer

Sprintray 3D printer at Covina SmilesWe are excited to announce the newest advanced technological addition – The SprintRay 3D printer!  Our patients can now experience the future of dentistry with 3D printing.  This new equipment allows our team to better respond to patient needs, significantly reduces manufacturing times, and opens up new treatment options. With the SprintRay 3D printer, devices such as night guards and mouthguards can be created in one, streamlined dental visit, so our patients are able to achieve their best smile in less time.  

Glidewell Milling Machine

We are proud to introduce our new milling machine produced by Glidewell!  The™ In-Office Mill makes it simple to provide your patients with same-visit restorations. It uses cutting-edge technology to ensure precise results that meet or exceed restorations fabricated in the laboratory, while giving you the streamlined convenience of in-office milling.

  • Exclusive milling technology used in Glidewell’s own laboratories
  • Creates crowns with superior fit and precise margins
  • High-torque electric spindle; requires no external air compressor
  • Small footprint integrates easily into any workspace

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