Six Month Smiles in West Covina - Clear Braces

Improving the alignment of your teeth with orthodontics can be a simple, long-lasting method of achieving your ideal smiles. However, the idea of having to wear metal braces for an extended period of time may cause some patients to pursue other, less permanent cosmetic dental treatment options. With Six Month Smiles®, patients receive lasting results through discreet yet highly effective treatment. 

In West Covina, our dental team Covina Smile recommends Six Month Smiles® as an ideal treatment option for adult patients looking to correct their bite for the first time or in response to tooth relapse post braces.

Why Consider Six Month Smiles® as an Alternative to Braces?

Compared to other braces options, Six Months Smiles® offers a hybrid solution to improving tooth alignment. Similar to traditional braces, this treatment option uses brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. However, rather than using unsightly metal, Six Month Smiles® uses clear wires and tooth-colored brackets, ensuring treatment goes virtually unnoticed. As a result, many patients choose Six Month Smiles® as a way to maintain a professional appearance while correcting bite alignment.

Another benefit of Six Months Smiles® is the time commitment. True to its name, this treatment typically takes about six to seven months to straighten the teeth, making it a much faster option than traditional braces which can take upwards of a year. As a result, Six Month Smiles® is ideal for patients looking to cosmetic enhance their smiles by closing spaces or straightening teeth. 

As this treatment option doesn’t involve tray removal or replacement, patients do not need to worry about stickling to an intensive at-home treatment plan. Rather, patients only need to visit our West Covina dental practice once a month for getting their wires changed and ensuring care is following the designated treatment plan.

Similar to traditional braces, follow-up care after undergoing Six Month Smiles® requires that patients wear a retainer as well as a permanent lingual retainer. With these tools, patients are able to protect the alignment of their smiles well into the future. 

Schedule Your Six Month Smiles® Consultation Today!

In West Covina, our dental practice is dedicated to providing patients with lasting solutions that enhance the health and look of their smiles. With Six Month Smiles®, our patients are able to cosmetically enhance their smiles quickly and permanently. For more information about this alternative to bulky metal braces, contact our West Covina dental team today to schedule your Six Month Smiles® consultation. 

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